Setup HP Printer on Google Cloud Print

Converting e-document into a paper is only possible with printers, either you want to take out a copy of your CV or want to take out the copy of college assignment, or need a copy of project synopsis in office.  Yet, it is not possible to carry your printer everywhere which makes your print choice limited. But thanks to Google cloud print technology, it is now possible to print your document from your favorite device. See below how you can setup your HP printer on Google web browser and also at Google cloud print.


Connecting Network-Attached Printer and Google Cloud-Ready Printer

If you want to use your chrome browser to print various documents from different computer systems your HP printer should be connected with local network. And with the help of instructions given below, you can set up Google cloud print and enjoy a printing from different locations.


Step1: Open Google Chrome on your computer system connected with a network that is also attached with your printer. And login into your Google chrome account using your Gmail account details.


Step2: Open Menu and go to the setting option located on the right side of your chrome browser. This setting will help you to add the new printer into your chrome web browser.


Step3: After choosing the setting option, you have to open advance setting option from the bottom of your chrome web browser. This option will help you to add your hp printer into your device.


Step4: Sign in your Google print button and click on add printer button to connect your Google account to the Google print service. HP printer tech support number 1-800-510-7358 is helpline number that helps you to set up this procedure.


Step5: Now click on add printer’s option to add the printers connected to Google cloud print for your Google account.  After that you have to select manage your printer which will take you at Google print.


Step6: Now you have to search and select manage your printer from the menu given on the left side. Here you can see the list of all printers connected that appears when you give print via chrome.


Step7: To add clod printer you have to click on “Add a Cloud-Ready Printer” appears on the left hand side. Clicking on this menu will help you to take on the page of Google print page.


Step8: Now you can type the name of manufacturer of your printer, or your select your HP from the left hand side. Select the manufacturers name and follow the instructions to set up Google cloud print.


After setting up this connection, you can print your document through Google cloud print through your chrome browser. You can now select your saved printer and also can choose it to set as default printer.  And you are not able to establish this connection you can call at toll free HP printer tech support phone number 1-800-510-7358 to get online help service at your desk and enjoy Google cloud printing service.

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