Printers are one of the essential parts of our daily life routine and workstation. They help us in a lot of manner in our workplace. As the printers have become one of the important devices, the number of manufacturers of the printer has also increased. There are multiple brands offering printers with best features and HP is the one ship printers with high-quality features. Meanwhile printer is necessary, but it is also necessary to take care of it. It is important o keep your printer away from issues and problems, therefore there are three free HP Diagnostic Tools equipped with HP printer that helps you to maintain your HP printer perfectly. To know more about the tools, connect experts at HP technical support help number.

Here, we have discussed the benefits of the HP Diagnostic Tools and how they maintain and prevent your printer from printing and scanning problem in Windows.

  • HP Print and Scan Doctor:

HP offers HP Print and Scan Doctor that is a free tool. It helps you to diagnose and fix the printing and scanning issues. The HP Print and Scan Doctor perform multiple troubleshooting procedures automatically. Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor is one of the good options to make your printer better.

Moreover, the solutions and guidance provided by HP Print and Scan Doctor can be more effectual and easy for troubleshooting most of the issues associated with printing and scanning. The free tool is easy to use that comes with its own instructions and guidance.

  • HP Support Assistant:

HP offers HP Support Assistant software that is designed in order to maintain and resolve your HP computer and printer. You can use it to check out the important messages, run diagnostics, resolving issues, access product stipulations, and more of to check the warranty of your printer.  In order to launch HP Support Assistant or check if it is installed previously, look Windows for HP and further click HP Support Assistant from the list of search results. In order to download and install HP Support Assistance, you need to go to HP Support Assistant. Once you complete the installation of the software, open HP Support Assistant, add the printer to the list of your devices and further click the picture of your printer in order to access most of the helpful troubleshooting tools.

  • HP Toolbox:

Most of the HP printers are shipped with HP Toolbox software. It is installed with the full feature printer software. In order to launch the HP Toolbox, open it from the full feature printer software-

  1. Firstly, look Windows for HP and then from the list of search results, you need to select the name of your printer or HP Solution Center.
  2. Open HP Toolbox:
  • Click “Tools” and then click “Advanced Settings”, in case HP Printer Assistant opens and you have an HP LaserJet printer.
  • You have to click the “Print and Scan” tab, and then click “Maintain Your Printer”, if you are having the HP LaserJet printer.
  • You need to click “Tools: from the main screen and further click “Printer Toolbox” in case you have HP Solutions Center.
  1. At last, you are required to explore the multiple sections that are accessible for your printer model by clicking each tab.

For more help and support regarding HP printer, feel free to call on HP technical support help phone number +1-800-510-7358. The helpline number will help you to reach our support service where you can find instant and high-quality support from the expertise and IT technicians.

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