Smart ways to print pictures from iPhone to HP Printer

Apple has made a latest technological device in the form of iPhone that has changed the way we look at latest technology. This transformed the way we interacted, talked, took pictures and many other things. Its innovative technology permitted users to do numerous normal tasks in jiffy. If you are using an iPhone, there are many interesting things you can do perfectly.  For example, if you have taken pictures of a pet or a bag and you need hard copy prints of these pictures, IPhone permits you to do so in the couple of taps.  Read following instructions to learn how to print pictures from your iPhone. And you can take online help from hp printer support team to solve this issue straightforwardly.

Connect your IPhone to Wi-Fi

Initially, you need to connect your IPhone to Wi-fi. Also make sure your HP printer is Wi-fi enabled and is connected to same network. Always remember that if you want to print from an iOS device, your hp printer should support Air print.  Few printer manufacturers like HP has its own printing apps but such apps are compatible to specific printers.

Select the photo that you want to print-

Firstly launch the photo app in your IPhone and choose the photo that you want to print. Next step is that tap on the share button that is situated at the lower left hand corner of the monitor and looks like an arrow coming out of the rectangle. Select any other images which you want to print and tap on “next” button. If you found any difficulty, you can connect directly with certified printer experts to get quick help.

Give printing command-

In the next window, place the print option in the rows of icon. You may have to put down the screen to find the printer icon.

Choose a printer

Select a printer from the list of printers available. Choose the number of copies you wish and hit print. In the case, you do not see your printer in the list, check if this is connected properly to network or support Air print. Apart from this, if you face any complex issue, you should call hp printer technical support services team to get proper technical guidance to solve any issue easily.

Thus just by following above explained steps, you will be able to print pictures from iPhone. For any other printing error, you can call at toll free number 1-800-510-7358 to get instant technical solutions.

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