If you are using a printer, you should be aware of its running worth that includes frequent change of cartridges. Printers run on ink and there are many factors that affect the draining of printer ink. Printer cartridges are very expensive and knowing different ways to check on the wastage of printer ink could save ample amount of your earned money. If there are few serious hardware errors that are causing extreme drainage of your printer ink, you should take immediate printer tech support from certified technical experts. However, you can also follow these ways to save printer ink.

  • If you use Eco Font method, this method will inject holes into your font. This method, you can save up 20 % ink as compared to daily fonts.
  • Read your important documents carefully before applying print command. This method, you can save paper and stop wastage of ink by minimizing printing errors.
  • Up until unless you need to print something that needs top quality, this is highly recommended that you use printers at Econo Fast setting/ Fast Draft.
  • Use software that makes you capable of choosing the right part of the document that you want to printer and which parts that you want to discard.
  • Black Cartridges are very affordable than color cartridges, therefore this is very advisable to print in the black and white.
  • Take the assistance of print preview option that will permit you to change the settings manually and prevent printing errors.
  • Before switching off the main power supply, turn off your device just by using printer’s power switch as it will permit your printer to park the cartridges and cap them hence stopping them from drying out.
  • Until this is very essential, do not sponge your device heads or bring into line them as this goes to wastage of cartridge ink.
  • Do not rush to purchase new cartridges when the printer reports that cartridges or toner are vacant because this is very probable that they might have 10 or 30% ink left.

We explain all these important tips that can help you lot to save your printer ink and save your money. If you are experiencing technical errors with printer cartridges, you should call at Printer support phone number 1-800-510-7358 to get instant technical help.

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